"Fragments of the Human Soul it´s a symbolic manifestation of the inner treasures of the human being. Is dedicated to every authentic seeker of the total potential of humans. May this sharing be a portal to your own inner self".

From my soul to yours, Ricardo Amaral

"Here in this place leave all the masks of your personality behind...and with every breath you take what remains will surface as the One reality that unites us all".

Blessings to you, Silver Eyes

quinta-feira, 30 de abril de 2009

Silver Eyes Diary (chapter V)

Chapter V - The Last Page

Journeys are never over, so obviously many other events have occurred after the first encounter.
Never the less from this point on human words become meaningless. The description of such exotic events would be an empty exercise since people have no elements of comparison that their minds could grasp and therefore the description of my journey concludes here.
But before I finish this last page, I would like to share with the reader the origin and meaning of my name.
Silver Eyes refers to a being that evolved in the most central galaxies of the Universe. It means the one with noble vision that shines in the dark. Also represents the neutral point that than choose creation instead of destruction. (end chapter V)


Silver Eyes Diarie is a fictional story based on real events, designed to illustrate the "Seasons of the Spirit".
Since below the surface the things that unite us are just so much stronger than those that separate us, this story is intended to be one more WAKE UP call to our connection, one of many that every single one of us will eventually come across.
End of transmission.

By: Ricardo Amaral

Silver Eyes Diary (chapter III and IV)

Chapter III - The Decision

On ancient traditions people use to put coins on the eyes and mouth of the dead person so they could pay Charon the ferryman of the underworld in exchange for a passage across the river Styx from one realm to another.
In similar fashion I left my physical body on the surface of planet Earth as a sign of appreciation for all her support during my visitation.
Perhaps some would say you need courage to journey into the unknown,
I say that when something is complete some decisions are only the natural next step and the occasion will come where that pure ancient voice living inside every human being will speak - IT`S TIME!
The truth is you can always stay one more day, one more month, or even one more year, but in the end you are just repeating what´s already known to the soul and therefore the decision to leave is as natural as the shine of a star.
So I began sailing the Cosmos with my wings outstretched trusting that the love currents of spirit would guide me safely into my destination.
And pretty soon the memories of what´s it like to live as human would become a simple blink of an eye moment... (end chapter III)

Chapter IV - The Void and the Encounter

During what seemed to be several human lifetimes the total blackness was my only company.
I began to contemplate the reasons of Creation and the magic there is in every single aspect of this process. I must recognize Source Creation is the ultimate artist...there´s no words to describe my admiration for the Force that create me and all there´s known and unknown.
Suffice it to say the void wasn´t all that existed in this journey because pretty soon I had my first encounter with an exotic form of existence.
A mix of thick and soft fog I came across,
no words were spoken only sounds and some kind of magic music as vehicle of communication, meaningless to my mind but fascinating to my heart.
I can´t say how many entities were there although I have the impression it was more than one.
Their ways of existence defies human comprehension and in the absence of physical bodies I wonder if they have concepts of Me and You...it was so strange and at the same time so intimately with my world. (end chapter IV)

By: Ricardo Amaral

terça-feira, 21 de abril de 2009

Silver Eyes Diary (chapter I and II)


Master Templates are used in the journeys of all entities that incarnate in the fields of agreed realities.
Although there are many variations in the blueprints, the following description will be familiar to every human, eventually...
So let us begin.

Chapter I - Locked Heart

My heart is like a old mansion whose doors and windows have not been open for years.
But now I see a door opening and inside there is a long corridor with dark experiences standing between me and divisions full of freedom.
I stand outside for a long while in order to gain courage to step inside home... I finally did it.
And so the journey begins on a planet called Earth, among a particular human race and in a not so frequent cosmic event. In the dark corridor there´s love stories that never will be, relations that are only shadows of love stories, wounds that will never be completely healed, loneliness that seem to never end, friendships that take separate roads, dreams left behind...
After more than two decades I finally passed through the tunnel and stopped to catch my breath. My body is full of scars and I feel like a old man.
There´s wonderings on my mind about how I´ve reached so far on this journey and for the first time on a long period I feel free in my own house. (end of chapter I)

Chapter II - Light and the Unknown

On the playgrounds of light there´s all I ever desired, the people, situations, expansion of consciousness.. well, everything I dreamed and even more.
I`ve really had the time of my life!!
I suppose eons of time have passed when again I remembered there was something else outside my mansion, so I decided to burn down my own house and ever since that moment I feel the unknown more clear.
What is this destination that my heart contemplate as if it was a compass needle pointing to the north?!
An enigmatic force that is outside the holographic matrix of the mind.
I sense is magnetism but I do not remember the taste of it´s shores.
It´s something outside and at the same time encopasses the holograms of illusion.
I know this place is where I initially came from and where eventually I will return to, so if eons are necessary to recall this nature, so be it.
To one more round in the spiral of Eternity... (end chapter II)

By: Ricardo Amaral

sábado, 18 de abril de 2009

quarta-feira, 15 de abril de 2009

Ecos do Tempo

Após demasiadas situações indesejadas
afirmei para mim mesmo que estava na altura de mudar.
Vários anos se passaram e por fim comecei a entender
que a realidade da minha experiência não era mais do que
uma simbologia do meu mundo interior.
Á medida que uma nova situação se manifestava,
observei o que me parecia surreal...
Era como se o Universo me apresentasse um eco do meu passado
e me perguntasse - SERÁ QUE REALMENTE MUDASTE,
As semelhanças com o passado sonhado mas não realisado
eram por demais evidentes,
mas desta vez o meu comportamento era diferente
e com isso uma nova realidade se formou para o meu Eu,
mais harmoniosa, um reflexo mais verdadeiro do meu recente estado de ser
e momentos de partilha criados
que não mais serão esquecidos.
Perante os ecos do passado,
finalmente compreendi que as circunstâncias não importam,
o que importa é o estado de ser interior
porque aquilo que se manifesta
não é mais do que um eco desta condição.

By: Ricardo Amaral

The Inner World of Stillness

The void of my being calls me to it´s currents
The mind become still and transport me to a new field.
I become the one without name,
the one that simply be in the presence of it´s essence.
The light images emerge on the surface of my own innerworld.
Hidden meaning for the most part,
a few ones become revelations
and many others simply butterflies of the imagination
or perhaps fragments of other realities on distant worlds.
Regardless of meaning, in zero point state everything gains magic
and the logic worlds of man, quickly forgotten...

By: Ricardo Amaral