"Fragments of the Human Soul it´s a symbolic manifestation of the inner treasures of the human being. Is dedicated to every authentic seeker of the total potential of humans. May this sharing be a portal to your own inner self".

From my soul to yours, Ricardo Amaral

"Here in this place leave all the masks of your personality behind...and with every breath you take what remains will surface as the One reality that unites us all".

Blessings to you, Silver Eyes

sábado, 7 de novembro de 2009

Letter to the Unseen Ones

I was still a child and your presence were already there
and in the innocence of a child I would have not made it
if you were not there.

Perhaps back then I was too young
to recognize your friendly arm
but today I look back and see you were always there.

I´ve entered this world in fear of such madness,
maybe in the innocence of a pure heart I still remembered
the kindness of my most beloved world left behind.

One could ask - Why did you came?
and I would answer - How could I not?!...
When there´s consciouness that we are all fragments from the same Source
and one should at least have an opportunity
to choose his path in freedom...

My dear invisible friends
every step I give into turning my heart towards Home
your presence become more visible.
Sometimes I fall down and hurt people I love
but I do my best to never repeat it again...

Were it not for your daily help, I would never be able to make it.
So, today I express the recognition you always deserved
although I´m aware you don´t search recognition of any kind,
accept these words as a form of gratitude
because these are not empty words.
They arise from my most sacred chamber - the heart of all my hearts.

My dear invisible friends
may we soon travel side by side
and return once more to our beloved world.

Ricardo Amaral