"Fragments of the Human Soul it´s a symbolic manifestation of the inner treasures of the human being. Is dedicated to every authentic seeker of the total potential of humans. May this sharing be a portal to your own inner self".

From my soul to yours, Ricardo Amaral

"Here in this place leave all the masks of your personality behind...and with every breath you take what remains will surface as the One reality that unites us all".

Blessings to you, Silver Eyes

sábado, 21 de novembro de 2009

Twin Flames II

In a sea of a million different faces
I wonder where´s the matching flame...
Between constellations, planets and realities
your face was forgotten
but your Signature Presence is well alive inside me.

In the longest night of the Universe I await you
and in a longest whisper
I call for you and await, await, await...

Do you remember when my voice,
combined with yours created symphonies upon symphonies
just for the simple enjoyment of the moment.
At times when our journeys did not required separation
and your sweet voice was the healing melody
to the side effects traumas left in my heart.

I have venture through strange realities and lost memory
but even in this ocean of illusive separation
there´s a place where the Presence of you flame
is still burning...
Yes my dear, in my heart we are One
and will always be.

I look into the sea of a million faces once more
and I finally understand there´s nothing to search for,
because your light will forever be
the only star in that black empty sky.

Ricardo Amaral