"Fragments of the Human Soul it´s a symbolic manifestation of the inner treasures of the human being. Is dedicated to every authentic seeker of the total potential of humans. May this sharing be a portal to your own inner self".

From my soul to yours, Ricardo Amaral

"Here in this place leave all the masks of your personality behind...and with every breath you take what remains will surface as the One reality that unites us all".

Blessings to you, Silver Eyes

domingo, 6 de setembro de 2009

Final Writing

Home is a feeling...the recognition of the Infinite Beings that we are.

Sometimes this feeling is activated by another soul, or perhaps in the process of creating a scuplture, maybe sounds like a melody transport you to this state, but in the end Home is always a feeling.

I can still recall the moment I felt, for the first time, the completion of a particular stage of my journey, and it seemed like I´ve lost 200 pounds...it was a nice thing to be felt! :)

After several years of living on the Blue Planet, my admiration for this Sentient Being has grow to a point beyond words.
The love and compassion She express is truly something beautiful to be seen and felt.

At such peculiar times where the survival of Humanity it´s a "question mark", or so they believe, I would wish to say that it was a pleasure to walk on the surface of this Blue Planet.
Human experience is a challenge but in the sharing moments with other souls, the reward is found.

In this final writing my most deepest appreciation goes to a specific soul whom my heart is an open temple to her presence, whenever she decides to recall the true nature of my Spirit.
She was the activation to the process of this sharing information...
So, thank you Nathalie!

By Ricardo Amaral