"Fragments of the Human Soul it´s a symbolic manifestation of the inner treasures of the human being. Is dedicated to every authentic seeker of the total potential of humans. May this sharing be a portal to your own inner self".

From my soul to yours, Ricardo Amaral

"Here in this place leave all the masks of your personality behind...and with every breath you take what remains will surface as the One reality that unites us all".

Blessings to you, Silver Eyes

domingo, 12 de setembro de 2010

Project Conclusion

It is done!
Before my eyes can turn into silver once more,
I would like to share the following words -

Occasions come, where help of universal magnitude is required.
For this reason only, many of us walk among you...
We will be like silent simple people
and yet you will feel something different in our presence.
Rather you are able to explain it or not, is irrelevant
but know we share our energy in your electromagnetic field
with great respect, compassion and love.

At every moment you look at the stars and wonder
if there`s some kind of intelligent extension of yourself out there.
Know in the wisdom of your heart
that We the inhabitants of the realms unseen by your eyes
are simple windows and mirrors of yourselves
in another place and time of the same BODY SOURCE CREATION.
We share your tears, we have similar dreams, we feel the same energies...

Eventually every child must walk to his own song as a responsible creator,
and in every process of assistance there`s a moment
where the portal of return is open for the soul
who come from far away...
In this process personal realities will split into parallel roads.
To some people I will become a distant memory
for others they will no longer see me with the same eyes,
and to some readers they will create a myth
out of the shared words, images and sounds...

Regardless of different possible scenarios,
in the presence of any material
remember to ask the question -
Does this help me in my own self discovery and evolution?
Then look within and observe the results.
You only require activation to "wake up"
and this is my offer for you.

End of Project - Fragments of the Human Soul.

form my soul to yours,
Silver Eyes